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Fall 2017

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SO MUCH TO SEE in this wonderful world

On Crystal, as you sail out of port, they play the Louis Armstrong song, It’s a Wonderful World. It always brings a smile to my face because it really is a wonderful world we live in. There are so many interesting places to see and new cultures to discover. As you travel the world, it also makes you very grateful to live in America—what you see makes you more appreciative of how lucky you are to live here and now!

As we have traveled the globe, we sometimes feel almost guilty for being able to live the way we do. Just the spaciousness of our homes would be almost unfathomable to people living in many countries. But it is not something that occurs to people unless they have visited places outside the United States. Which is why we love the business we are in! The saying, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” is really true. So, let’s look at some new and exciting places to visit!

Before planning your next trip, think about what you love. Are you someone who loves architecture and monuments or would you rather see out of this world scenery? Do you like museums or are you a foodie who wants to try a Gordon Ramsay restaurant wherever possible? Are you an animal lover? Do you want to see the gorillas in Rwanda, polar bears in Churchill, Canada or the pandas in Chengdu, China? Are you a golf lover and want to play as many courses as possible throughout the world? There is literally something for everyone, but one size does not fit all.

fall 2017 newsletter rinoIf Doug mentions the possibility of seeing an animal, I am 100% in! But cathedrals and churches always remind me of the man on one of our tours who said he was totally tired of these ABC tours...Another Bloody Church! However, Doug loves architecture and finds those 700 year old churches and cathedrals fascinating. Our cruise in November takes us to Masada and Petra which are both on Doug’s must see list. Fortunately, we travel enough that we each get what we want. We have one couple who has to alternate their vacations because one of them loves adventure and the other one loves luxury. Sometimes we are able to combine the two but if not, they take turns picking the vacation.

fall 2017 newsletter petraSome ideas for something off the beaten path might be a Hurtigruten cruise through Norway to see the Northern Lights. Or have you thought of a private biking tour through the hills of Tuscany? Have you always dreamed of staying in one of the over-the-water bungalows in Tahiti or spending a week at a Canyon Ranch Spa for total rejuvenation? Maybe you always wanted to witness the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo or hold a koala bear in Australia. Most everything is possible with a little planning and foresight…. this is where we come in! All we need is the input of your dreams to make it a reality.

Holiday Cruises & Tours has the connections to put together an itinerary to any destination whether by land or by sea, or any combination thereof. Sometimes when we book a cruise, that is the smallest portion of our client’s trip. It is the land package with amazing Signature Hotels and private sightseeing tours that really brings the entire trip to unbelievably memorable proportions.

Time is the one thing that cannot be replaced, so don’t let it get away from you. Call today to start planning YOUR trip of a lifetime.

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