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Changes are Coming

time to travelTIME TO TRAVEL

I love looking back to our first years in business when Doug and I thought this would be such a great “hobby” - something to keep us busy after Doug retired from practicing law.

P4 Schwendagon Budda.jpgI never imagined that 24 years later we would still be in business. As Stacha can attest, it was always my intention to retire in 2010. She and I opened the office on Sunset together, and since I could not imagine working without her, I figured we should depart at the same time. But, Doug has no hobbies other than travel, so here we are—still working.

The other problem with retiring is that neither of us wanted to close the office or sell it to someone who would not take care of our clients the way we felt it should be done. I am now happy to report that we believe we have found the perfect solution to our age-old/old age dilemma.

In January, a long time friend, colleague, and mentor will be joining us as a partner in our agency. Introducing Scott Caddow:

When I first started working at Cruise Holidays (our prior name), Scott was working for the corporate offices of Cruise Holidays and came to help me. Over the past 20 years, he has been one of the most important people in my business life. We have lately taken to calling him “Scott on Demand” since he is our go-to person for everything from marketing, to the Freedom Voice phones, to computer issues and so much more.

P6 Elephants.jpgScott owns his own travel agency based in Tucson, Arizona, but has agents in San Diego and his part-time residence is in Anacortes, Washington. His office phone is integrated with his computer so basically wherever the computer is plugged in, is where his office is! He lived in Australia for nearly 3 months working every day, but unless you questioned his whereabouts, you would have had no idea he was out of the country!

Because of this nomad lifestyle, we decided he will make the perfect partner for us. For the next few years (or however long Doug decides he needs a place to go every day), Scott will make Vegas his home while we are away. The trainer will become the trainee as we teach him all the likes and dislikes of our wonderful clients. Since Scott is 20 + years younger than we are, he has many years to keep this office running like clockwork!

P7 St Basil Moscow.jpgOur clients know we have a wonderful support staff. Margarita has been an agent for over 30 years and is starting her 5th year with us. Pat has been with us nearly 16 years, and Theresa is on her second round of employment with us total-ing over 7 years. Judy is new in the office but has been a client since 1998. Even with all that knowledge, it puts a lot of stress on them when we are away. I know it will be a relief to them to have Scott on board with his broad knowledge and expertise.

Even though the official partnership will not begin until January 2019, Scott will have his first extended office stay in December when we escort our Crystal group to the Christmas Markets along the Rhine. In February, we escort an-other Crystal group from Perth to Cape Town plus a 3 night African Safari. At that point, our clients will return home, and Doug and I will fly to Dublin for a 6-night private car and driver tour with other clients. Then we are off to Vienna for our Signature Member Appreciation cruise on the Crystal Mozart. This type of extended trip would not be fair to our clients or office without someone like Scott to give them support.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Scott to our Holiday Cruises & Tours family and look forward to all of you meeting him.

Welcome Aboard, Scott!

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