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Meet Our Staff

Doug Crosby OnwerOwner

"The intent was to provide exceptional service with personal attention making sure our clients were on the “right cruise” for their individual needs, desires, and expectations."

Bonnie Crosby OwnerOwner

"I truly enjoy going to work in the morning and having the opportunity to meet new clients and play a major part in their selection of the right cruise based on their vacation needs and desires."

Bonnie Crosby OwnerOwner

"I’m a traveler first. I’m one of the lucky ones where my passion became a job and then a career that has allowed me to travel the world. I will always be a traveler, but now I have the pleasure of consulting with clients to make their dreams, celebrations and aspirations become reality."

Bonnie Crosby OwnerTravel Advisor

Minnie was born in Austin Texas, attended St Phillips College in San Antonio Texas.

 After an extended period of time working for IBM in various locations, Minnie discovered her passion resided in other areas, specifically Travel and Tourism.  

sunshine crosbyOffice Greeter



Patricia Luetkehans & Theresa Mohlsick

PTHoliday Cruises and Tours could not function properly without our wonderful support staff.  Pat keeps the agents on track for final payments and mails all of the documents to our out of town clients. Theresa completes the on line check in for our clients and runs the endless amount of documents for everyone.

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