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Saturday, 13 November 2021 13:48

Fall 2021

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2022—Looking Ahead with Excitement

Since opening our agency as Cruise Holidays in 1994, the goal was “work to play.” This meant that we were willing to put in long hours to make the business successful, but we also wanted travel time. We always planned 2-4 cruises every year and later, as we could afford more travel advisors, it increased to 4-6 cruises a year. So, you can imagine our distress in going without a cruise for 27 1/2 months! We returned home from the Crystal Serenity on June 21, 2019, having no idea where the world was headed.

time to travelWe have had ten of our own cruises cancelled, plus hundreds for clients. It has been a never-ending process of booking and cancelling...sometimes, to the point that we think we can’t do it for one more minute. Then we will have a few weeks where we see a light at the end of the tunnel and decide it really is daylight and not an oncoming train. That light keeps us going during the next wave of cancellations. But every time we have to talk to a client about a cancellation it breaks our hearts. We know you all want to travel as much as we do!

At this point, the future is certainly looking brighter. Our bookings are very strong for 2022, 2023 and, even 2024 and, having finally cruised from New York to Bermuda on the Crystal Symphony in October, the world seems even brighter! What a difference a cruise makes! I have been saying I need an attitude adjustment, but it turns out all I really needed was to experience that wonderful ocean breeze and 7 days of meals being prepared and 24/7 pampering. It put a whole new perspective on life!

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